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ASTM-D6400 Certified Compostable/Biodegradable Resin

At 3E Biotech Inc. we are committed and passionate experts continuously developing high-quality and high-performance biodegradable materials and products. Our objectives take place in close cooperation with customers, research institutes, and local authorities. Our focus always lies on the best environmental performance, whether the product is manufactured from biopolymer or natural resources. For each individual application environmental safety, cost efficiency, and social consequences are examined for a product’s entire life cycle in order to find the most suitable material for the right application with the greatest benefit for society.

Compostable/Biodegradable products  can make an important contribution to the new Circular Economy, which aims to use products in the best way possible across the entire value chain, keeping them in use for as long as possible and recovering them at the end of their service life.

Our Competencies

Something about the full cycle from formulation to recovery


Our ASTM-D6400 certified resin formula will degrade into simple components in the environment. Our method follows the highest technical standards for achieving biodegradability.


Blend biopolymers and ingredients based on formula objectives to achieve desired characteristics. Our blends are automatically dosed with fixed set points throughout the process to obtain pellets.

Product Design

We design applications and products that achieve functionality requirements and minimize environment impact, achieving conformity and the best performance of bio-degradable compounds.

Manufacturing Process

Working with our clients, we modify, design, and optimize manufacturing process to handle 3E Biotech's bio-degradable compounds.


We design and coordinate plans with end users or collection facilities for optimizing end of the life value recovery to complete the circular process.

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